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Justin's Vision

"I’ve grown up with a deep understanding that film and television are what make the world go round in our modern times, to a degree that I think most people undersell. Not only does entertainment give people something to talk about in their real life, it also informs someone’s behavior, ideology, and mental assuredness in an extreme variety of ways. Therefore, to make film would be to contribute to that collective impact in a way that at least a small group of people will never forget. This ultimate goal is what drives me not only to pursue a production career, but to make sure that my actions within that career bring some sort of positive or progressive impact to everyone I encounter."
Justin Accardi



The Justin Accardi Foundation for the Arts provides scholarships and grants for cinematic arts students and funds projects that capture Justin's visionary spirit and reflect his positive impact through the arts.


About Justin

Justin "Goose" Accardi was a loving, kind and sensitive man, revered for his creative genius, gentle nature and love of all artistic platforms. He spent his whole life attached to the arts. As a patron, a performer and a student, he continuously studied and developed his passion for music, theatre and film. After enjoying a childhood spent performing, he had an inner desire to create something himself or foster the creativity of someone with a shared vision. He believed that the best films would arise out of a positive environment, with a real emotional understanding of the work being done.  

Justin was a promising Business of Cinematic Arts student at the University of Southern California when he lost his battle with depression. We have established this foundation to support future artists and works that achieve all of these goals and uphold all of his values.



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